10 June 2018

Peugeot 205 GTI6 has had a suspension overhaul. New AP coilovers at the front and the rear aaxle stripped, cleaned and rebuilt with all new bearings and shafts.


The Honda Fireblade powered classic Mini has had many parts machined by hand in our machine shop to mount the engine and drive box.


This Honda 750 Four came through the shop for a miss fire. It's had a brand new Dynatek electronic ignition system fitted.


The Mk1 Transit now has a propshaft we can test with. We Cut, sleeved and welded the new to meet the old. A new one will be specially made when we're done testing. 


03 June 2018

Finishing off the Fiat Coupe track car this week. 

This car came in a few weeks ago for a bespoke simplified chassis loom. Engine and dash will be dealt with via a complete package from another company so it was down to us to make a loom to control lighting, standard fuel pump and wipers etc. Its taken a lot of hours this week and now ready for return to the customer to finish the build.