Restomods or restoration modification

Restomods are growing in popularity all the time and in fact have probably been around about as long as cars have existed. The term “restomod” is simply an abbreviation of restoration modification. So a vehicle described as being a restomod is likely to be an old vehicle that has been restored to its former glory and had some form of modification. So restomods are something that we at Oldscooler are huge fans of and love to build. Who doesn't want to own an old vehicle that has good looks and style like nothing else today but also has some basic luxuries, reliability and power found in something more modern.

A restomod can consist of anything. From a modern engine in a classic car to a vehicle that looks exactly like it did when it came out of the show room on the outside but have high performance engine, brakes, suspension underneath with power steering, air conditioning, a warm heater and DAB stereo.

There’s no limits to what we can do. If you have an idea then talk to us and we’ll give our best, honest, professional opinion on how you can achieve it. Check out some of the projects through the workshop below.


Mk1 Ford Transit

A 1972 Ford Transit van. The original Back Bone of Britain. We took on this van for a customer looking to build a classic van to be used as a daily driver and for promotional purposes for their business. It has all the great design of the original van but with modern comforts.

We fitted front and rear axles from later Transit vans giving it excellent disc brakes, accurate and easy to drive steering as well as comfortable, uprated suspension. It has a state of the art alarm immobiliser with remote central locking on all doors. A modern heater system to keep the driver warm and digital stereo system. We made and fitted a complete new wiring bespoke which adds to the vans reliability as well as allowing many more creature comforts.


Peugeot 205 GTI

An 80’s and 90’s hot hatch icon. Built as an in-house project. Although not completely original on the outside, this lightweight high performance car keeps hold of the great shape of the original with subtle changes. It’s a hybrid of the later 306 GTI with the same 2.0 16v engine and huge disc brakes front and rear. With very little changed inside except lightweight front seats and a stripped out rear, it’s the bullet proof fuel injected engine at almost 200hp and big brakes that define this car and make it a perfect weekend or track day piece of kit.


Classic Mini Mk3

Still being built. A Mk3 3 Mini with a Honda CBR engine mid mounted in a semi space frame roll cage. If you thought the Mini was fun to drive before then imagine how it’d feel to drive one with 150hp, 12,000rpm, fully sequential gearbox, flat shifter and Quaife drive box with limited slip diff…This is that car! Built as always to extremely high standards, it’s a show stopper as well an awesome weekend fun and track day car.