24 June 2018

Lancia Fulvia Restoration.

This poor Italian Stallion came to use in a very sorry state. Not much steel holding it together. The customers request was to have all the rott removed and all the holes left behind filled so that they have a solid car to begin restoring. We've now finished with the cutting, patching and welding but it still has a long road ahead. We wish them the best of luck!


Beuford Kit Car.

This beautiful Beuford is a faithful customer to Spunky's. We handled the wiring when the customer was building it and have helped every step of the way when our skills were needed. This week saw a visit to the customer to repair a wiring fault on another car they own, a Tiffany all the way from Las Vegas, and an investigation into an engine noise on the Beuford. The noise was the Nissan 6cyl engine's water pump. Luckily the customer had a new pump waiting so we replaced it there and then. 


CBR Powered Mini

Taking shape again. This little bike engine Mini has had a huge safety upgrade to the frame as well as improvements in looks and performance. More new bars going into the rear this week.